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Our Policies

Irrigation System Warranty

Sprinkler Tinkerer offers a warranty on all irrigation work that is performed on any irrigation system: 5 years’ parts and labor. This warranty comes with certain terms and conditions.

This warranty DOES NOT cover the following:

  • Damage by the homeowner to the system, eg. shovel through water lines or wires

  • Damage by any landscape company to the system, eg. new landscaping

  • Damage by any aeration to the system, eg. heads hit by plug tines

  • Destruction of the system by homeowner pets, eg. dog eating/biting sprinkler heads

  • Freeze damage 

  • Any existing part of a system that Sprinkler Tinkerer has not performed repairs on or installed

  • Any piping inside any house that is PVC

  • Any piping inside the house that is NOT the irrigation tap

  • Homeowner failing to protect the backflow and exposed pipe from freezing weather

  • Theft of backflow

The warranty IS VOID if the following occur:

  • The system is winterized by someone other than Sprinkler Tinkerer

  • The system is not winterized at all

  • The homeowner or other individual tampers with or changes the system from its original design: The system (if new) is designed to operate as is, without physical change from the homeowner, changing clock operation times does not violate the warranty

  • The system is activated by someone other than Sprinkler Tinkerer

  • The system is repaired by someone other than Sprinkler Tinkerer

  • The clock is moved from its original location


Payment Options

 We will send an invoice via email, and we currently accept cash, check or credit/debit through Venmo or your Wave invoice link. We do not accept any other form of online payment. Thank you for your cooperation.


Contract coming soon, Thank you for your patience as we update our new site.


Liability information coming soon, Thank you for your patience as we update our new site.


There will be a $50 cancellation and rescheduling fee for winterization appointments, if it is within 24 hrs of the agreed time, and it is not due to inclement weather. When rescheduling the appointment, the previously scheduled customers take priority, and the customer to be rescheduled will be scheduled at the soonest opening. We will not move other customers to accommodate the canceler.

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