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Our Customers

Caleb - great young man - owns Sprinkler Tinkerer! Wonderful integrity - does quality work!                       -a neighbor from the Pinery

I also highly recommend Caleb, The Sprinkler Tinkerer. Very knowledgeable, very reasonable price, very nice to work with.     -Kathie P.

Excellent service. Caleb solved the problem in a customer focused way. I really appreciate the quality work!                              -David K.

Sprinkler Tinkerer does all my work. Very reputable and makes sure it's done right!

                                                             -Cynthia S.

Sprinkler Tinkerer, Caleb.. honest, reasonably priced, and does quality work.           -Gregory H.

He's experienced, reliable, reasonable, honest, and dependable. He can help you install your new piece and evaluate the rest of your system.                                             -Patti B.

I second Caleb. He was very reasonably priced and very knowledgeable about the system that I have.                                            -Karen R.

Go with Sprinkler Tinkerers, they’re awesome! You can contact the owner, Caleb, at ‭[720-454-3003]‬                           - Jeff A.

We use Caleb at Sprinkler Tinker [720-454-3003] I highly recommend him for all irrigation systems.                                    -Matt T.

I called them because I needed my sprinkler tinkered with! They have an operation that has been in the family for years. Caleb and Carl, two brothers, showed up on time 8:30 this morning. We talked about what I noticed and needed help with and they made the rounds of my yard and checked my controller. They showed me and explained to me exactly what they saw that needed work and there was something that I had never noticed that did in fact need more than adjusting! Polite and knowledgeable and professional, these guys were done in record time and the price was right. They only charge for labor and parts! They will live in my contacts now.                             -Judith G.

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